Corporate Education course

UQ Business School Downtown, Level 19, Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane.

Achieving corporate sustainability is a challenge that will increasingly occupy the attention of CEOs, senior executive teams, change agents and key stakeholders of twenty-first century organisations. This leading edge course will enable managers to understand the challenges and opportunities that exist for business by engaging with and designing a strategic approach to sustainability.
Participants will explore key issues such as the impact climate change and emissions trading will have on corporate strategy and analysing the business case for corporate sustainability. It will provide a blueprint for senior managers wishing to transform their organisation's corporate culture to embrace a more proactive corporate sustainability approach to tackling the challenges of climate change.
How to register:
Register online or download the registration form from the UQBS Corporate Education website. For further information contact UQBS Corporate Education, telephone (07) 3346 7111 or email

Professor Andrew Griffiths and Professor Ray Zammuto

Professor Andrew Griffiths is Professor in Business Sustainability at UQ Business School. He is also Assistant Director of the Global Change Institute. His areas of research include: the impact of climate change on business strategy; management of corporate sustainability change and strategic issues relating to the pursuit of corporate sustainability. Andrew is a recipient of the UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award and the UQ Business School Research Excellence Award. He has worked with a range of organisations in the public and private sectors in the areas of strategic approaches to climate change and the implementation of corporate sustainability.

Professor Ray Zammuto is Professor in Strategy and Sustainability at UQ Business School. He teaches in the areas of strategic management, organisation design and technology management. His research focuses on how organisations adapt to changing industry conditions, including studies of how organisations' cultures can impede or enhance the ability to change and to implement new technologies. Ray has consulted on and conducted workshops about organisation culture, organisation redesign and strategic management for a variety of service and manufacturing organisations, ranging from hospitals and universities to insurance companies and computer firms.