Corporate Education course

UQ Business School Downtown, Level 19, Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane.

Innovation is a fundamental source of competitive advantage in business and is critical to organisations of all sizes and sectors. It changes our thinking and products, is a dynamic, complex and open process and involves many players and parts of an organisation. Managing innovation requires a sound understanding of the nature of the innovation process, which has changed radically over recent years.
This course equips managers with the skills necessary to lead innovation for sustainable competitive advantage. The course is based on international best practice and presents an integrated framework to help managers lead innovation within their organisations. Participants will meet with leading innovation industrialists who reveal cutting edge practice in innovation strategy, development and implementation.

Dr Tim Kastelle, Dr John Steen and Dr Lance Newey

Dr Tim Kastelle graduated from Princeton University with a degree in economics. Tim is a lecturer in Innovation Management at UQ Business School and has worked in marketing and management positions in a variety of industries including radio, office equipment, industrial chemicals, higher education and software. Tim's research interest is in applying evolutionary economics to the management of firms. His research areas include the implications of viewing the economy and firms as complex evolving systems.
 Dr John Steen is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and a member of the Innovation Strategy and Leadership research group at UQ Business School. His research and teaching reflects an ongoing interest in intangible resources such as knowledge, ideas and information, and the way they contribute to strategic leadership and sustained competitive advantage. His interest in risk and uncertainty management has been applied to developing business strategies with a range of blue chip corporate companies and he is currently involved in a major international operation on understanding processes of innovation and strategic leadership.
 Dr Lance Newey's passion is to create and share knowledge that can help improve people's personal and professional experience at work. He contributes to this as a Lecturer in Strategy at UQ Business School. His current research is focused on the tendency to short-termism in publicly traded firms and the effects on long term tenure.