Business Information Systems Cluster seminar paper: Dongming Xu

29 August, 2014 - 10:30 to 12:00
Room 202 Building 39A


Over the years virtual learning has exerted significant impacts on the traditional education sector. Past research related to e-learning has mainly focused on the convenience and mobility - in term of time and space - of virtual learning. Adaptive e-learning moves forward to focusing on how to match the course delivery with different characteristics of online learners. Although various studies showed that personalization could improve learning achievements, no one ever revealed why the personalized “fit” can advance learning outcomes. Going beyond the recognition of fit, we propose to expand the research lens by uncovering the black box of why the fit between learner characteristics and course content may improve learning effectiveness in online learning environments. In particular, we introduced the concept of knowledge internalization and theorized that knowledge internalization acted as a main mechanism through which the fit of course material to different learners improves their learning performance. Using data from an experiment of 301 undergraduate students, this study empirically validated the role of knowledge internalization in the link of fit in adaptive learning and learning effectiveness.

Dr Dongming Xu, The University of Queensland