BIS Workshop: Shirley Gregor

6 June, 2014 - 10:30 to 12:00

Innovation is often understood in terms such as radical versus incremental, or exploratory versus exploitative, yet these terms are used loosely and the accompanying theorizing of innovations and innovations processes tends to be disjointed. We propose the Knowledge Innovation Matrix (KIM) that results from a classification of innovations and knowledge contributions on the two dimensions of application knowledge maturity and domain maturity. The matrix has four distinct quadrants termed: (1) Invention; (2) Improvement; (3) Exaptation; and (4) Exploitation. From this classification a typology of innovation processes is developed, based on theory and secondary case reports. This typology provides for integrative theorizing of innovation processes on two levels (see Doty and Glick 1994).

Prof Shirley Gregor (ANU)

Shirley Gregor is the foundation Professor of Information Systems at the Australian National University,Canberra, where she is a Director of the National Centre for Information Systems Research. Professor Gregor’s current research interests include the adoption and strategic use of information and communications technologies, intelligent systems and human-computer interface issues, and the theoretical foundations of information systems. Dr Gregor has led several large applied research projects funded by the Meat Research Corporation, the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, the Australian Research Council and AusAID. Professor Gregor spent a number of years in the computing industry in Australia and the United Kingdom before beginning an academic career. She obtained her Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Queensland. Dr Gregor’s publications include 4 edited books, 15 book chapters and over 100 papers in conferences and journals such as MIS Quarterly, Journal of the Association of Information Systems, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, International Journal of Human Computer Studies, European Journal of Information Systems and Information Technology & People.

Professor Gregor was inaugural President of the Australasian Association of Information Systems 2002-2003 and was Region 3 (Asia/Pacific) Councillor for the Association of Information Systems 2007-2009. She was a Senior Editor for MIS Quarterly 2008-2010 and was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Association for Information Systems 2010-2013.

Professor Gregor was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honour’s list in June 2005 for services as an educator and researcher in the field of information systems and in the development of applications for electronic commerce in the agribusiness sector. In 2005 she was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society and in 2010 she became a Fellow of the Association for Information Systems.