BIS Seminar: Professor Olivera Marjanovic

12 October, 2018 - 10:30 to 12:00
Colin Clark Building (39), Room 125

On the Way to Understanding Open Government Information Systems: From Systems Science to Complex Adaptive Sociomaterial Systems View

In this paper we focus on Open Government Information Systems that provide open performance data to public – a new kind of information systems here named OGIS-pd. Increasingly deployed by governments world-wide to enable transparency and accountability, OGIS-pd are claimed to produce benefits to all (citizens, organizations and society). However, their serious negative social effects have been reported in the literature (largely outside of the IS discipline). The important questions however remain unanswered: why and how the well-intended OGIS-pd create such negative social effects and who is responsible for them? In response, we first expose the underlying systems science view and explain why this view severely limits our understanding of OGIS-pd and prevents recognition of their negative effects and associated responsibilities. We then propose a complex adaptive sociomaterial systems view that can explain the emergent and unpredictable nature of OGIS-pd, their negative social effects and responsibilities of governments and other stakeholders. Drawing from an illustrative case of OGIS-pd, we demonstrate why and how these views make a difference in understanding and dealing with the negative societal effects. This analysis shows that our conceptualizations of OGIS-pd are not neutral but highly consequential for their stakeholders – citizens, organizations, governments and a broader society.

PhD Workshop to follow seminar:

Time: 1.00pm - 4.00pm
Location: Chamberlain Building (35), Room 104
Topic: Visual Atlas of the Australian Cooperatives – Insights from an industry-wide Action Design Research (ADR) project

Primary objectives of the PhD Workshop:

  • To introduce foundations of action design research method
  • To unpack a large-scale action design research project of the Visual Atlas of the Australian Cooperatives (my ARC Discovery project)
  • To provide a brief introduction to data visualisation and visual analytics
  • To introduce the Australian Cooperatives & Mutuals (CMEs) as an exciting industry sector for PhD and other projects.

The seminar is also suitable for colleagues teaching and researching business analytics and data visualisation from the IS perspective (rather than the data science and IT perspectives).

Professor Olivera Marjanovic

Professor Olivera Marjanovic (PhD) is a full Professor of Contemporary Technology Leadership in the School of Systems, Management and Leadership at the University of Technology Sydney and a former Director of the Cooperatives Research Group, University of Sydney. Olivera has received a PhD (Information Systems) and GradCert (Higher Ed.) from the University of Queensland, MSc Res (Major in IS and CS) from University of Belgrade and BEE'Hons (Major in IS and CS) from University of Sarajevo.