BIS Seminar: Darshana Sedera

10 August, 2018 - 10:30 to 12:00
Joyce Ackroyd (37), Room 430

The Modern-day Hoarding: A Model for Understanding and Measuring Digital Hoarding

The advent of digital devices like smart mobile phones and wearables, engagement in social media networks and content sharing platforms, growth of digitized personal and business interactions and the access to free or affordable digital storage have increased the propensity of an individual to acquire and store digital content without carefully considering its repercussions. This research posits that this increasingly common behavior can lead to a condition that parallels the hoarding disorder, called digital hoarding. The study defines digital hoarding as the acquisition of and failure to discard digital content, leading to the accumulation of digital clutter. The research conceptualizes digital hoarding as a composite construct. Using a sample of 846 individuals, the study makes valuable insights on digital hoarding and how it could lead to personal stress.

Darshana Sedera

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