BIS Cluster Seminar: Professor Robert Galliers

7 April, 2017 - 10:30 to 12:00
General Purpose North (39A), Room 209

Information System Strategy (ISS) is an important topic in terms of both research and practice. Prior research has tended to focus on individual components (process, content, impact) of ISS but we argue that it is time to move beyond these foundational topics and consider ISS holistically and from a strategizing perspective. To guide future discourse and research in ISS, we propose a theoretically coherent and holistic conceptualization of Information Systems Strategizing.  This conceptualization is based on a consideration of prior Information Systems (IS) planning and strategy frameworks and a structured and comprehensive review of 9,500 publications. Our work makes a number of contributions. First, we consider various ISS frameworks that have appeared in the literature and provide a synthesis that results in a framework that depicts IS strategizing as an integrated system of activity with interlinked and interdependent components. Second, we provide a comprehensive review of the ISS literature in terms of the journey of exploration and understanding that has occurred over time. Third, we offer a potential avenue for future research in ISS: we propose a ‘turn’ towards systemic IS strategizing where the topic is considered not as a deliberate strategy but in terms of an on-going set of strategizing practices incorporating and reconciling emergent and deliberate features.  We propose a refocusing on practitioners and their day-to-day work.

Professor Robert Galliers

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