BIS Cluster Seminar: Professor Dr Jan Mendling

26 August, 2016 - 10:30 to 13:30
Hartley Teakle (83), Room S302


In our recent article (Recker/Mendling, BISE 2015), we found that business process management (BPM) research appears to be approached with certain biases and blind spots. This provides opportunities for future research, but also calls for a clarification of BPM research from a more general perspective. In this talk, I integrate different perspectives from the philosophy of science with the aim to organize the field. It would be best if you could read this article as a background reading. I am trying to fill some of the spaces that are not fully covered by this article. A general background read on our BPM-related meta-analysis is available here.

Professor Dr Jan Mendling

Prof. Dr. Jan Mend­ling is a Full Pro­fessor with the Institute for Information Business at Wirtschaft­suni­versität Wien (WU Vi­enna), Aus­tria. His re­search interests include various topics in the area of business process management and information systems. Full bio here.