BIS Cluster Seminar: Dr Michael Leyer

19 August, 2016 - 10:30 to 13:30
General Purpose North 3: 39A, 201


Dynamic decision making in situations is a challenging task for decision makers. A promising approach to improve performance is the visualization of stocks and flows in a dashboard supporting the decision maker in his task. While instance-based learning theory predicts a positive influence, cognitive load theory points towards a potential crowding out due to introducing an unfamiliar notation and adding symbols resulting in a high cognitive load. In addition, it is expected that the positive effect is stronger for participants with a higher analytical reasoning style. Using a computer simulator, we conducted laboratory experiments in which participants had to make decisions on staff scheduling repeatedly in a closed-loop decision setting. They were given the objective to balance internal, external and capacity efficiency in a financial services setting. The results indicate that visualizing stocks and flows between decision variables and performance outcomes lead to better decisions outweighing the adverse effect of increased cognitive load. The results are stronger for participants with a high analytic reasoning style. This result implies that stock-and-flow information on a dynamic decision making task is better integrated in a decision support dashboard than provided in written form only.

Dr Michael Leyer

Dr Michael Leyer is an Assistant Professor at the University of Rostock. His research interests are on business process management in services incorporating process-oriented knowledge management, learning process-oriented thinking, organisational design with regard to processes and employee behaviour and processes.