Alumni Lunch Lectures: Maureen Frank

22 August, 2012 - 12:00 to 13:45
The Long Room, Customs House, 399 Queen Street, Brisbane

This series of free events features speakers, often past UQ alumni, who are leaders in business, finance, economics, entrepreneurship, tourism and law. They are held at lunchtime, in the heart of the city. Expect thought-provoking discussions, engaging topics and networking with other UQ alumni over lunch and refreshments. We invite you to join us and experience your alumni community.

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Maureen Frank, Founder Emberin

Maureen Frank is Australia's pre-eminent expert on gender diversity and women's advancement, recognised globally for her acumen, initiatives and best practices.

A former lawyer, Maureen moved to the UK in the mid-1990s where she was a major player in the fledgling mergers and acquisitions insurance industry. In 2001, she returned to Australia to create and head up Aon's local mergers and acquisitions team. Within three years, her department was the largest producer of new revenue for Aon, having cracked the hardnosed investment banking and private equity worlds in Australia. Within Aon internationally Maureen was recognized as a standout performer. Within Australia she won a Telstra Business Woman of Year Award in 2004 and was named a BRW 'Rising Star' in 2005 - all this whilst being a single mother of twin girls, one of whom has a disability.

Maureen is the founder of Emberin, Australia's premier women's empowerment and gender diversity company which spans ASX 100 companies in Australia, government departments, national sporting bodies, educational institutions, a number of large global clients, and individuals. She is also the creator of the My Mentor suite of women's advancement programs and men's gender leadership programs undertaken by thousands across Australia and India.

Her passion for helping women achieve their personal and career goals is reflected in her book, You Go Girlfriend, which inspires women to believe they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. This book, first released in 2005 and now in its second edition, was an Australian best seller.

Maureen sits on Coca Cola Amatil's, Amcor's, Downer's and Wesfarmers Resources Diversity Councils, has been a Gender Diversity advisor to some of Australia's largest companies and donates profits from her business to the Smith Family.