Alumni Leadership Development Program - Series 2

Customs House, 399 Queen Street, Brisbane

This program consists of three sessions:

Wednesday 29 August 2012
Wednesday 5 September 2012
Wednesday 12 September 2012

Join your fellow UQ Alumni in executive and senior management positions for this exclusive professional development event. You've worked hard to climb the corporate ladder, but what's next? How do you maintain your growth and position yourself for the future? This series will provide pragmatic expert advice to build a sustainable career and enhance your leadership capability. As part of our commitment to ongoing learning and engagement with our alumni, this leadership development program will enhance the suite of offerings available, and provide opportunities to engage, network, learn and grow with like-minded professionals.
In this series you will:

Develop and fine-tune your career strategy
Understand and implement the Five Pillars of an Extraordinary Career
Learn the secrets of being part of, and leading, high performance executive teams
Identify the factors that may derail your career and what to do about them
Build strong relationships with like-minded senior managers.

Strictly limited spaces, a wait list will apply.
Cost: $150 for three sessions
For more information, please contact Lyn Rankin, Relationships & Events Manager, BEL Engagement

Dr. Edwin Trevor-Roberts

Edwin is the Chief Executive Officer of Trevor-Roberts Associates, career architects. He is responsible for the strategic direction and operations of the company and has been integral in the development of several innovative technology driven career services. Edwin has worked and lived in both the UK and Canada and has been involved in the careers field for over eleven years. He has facilitated workshops with managers and executives on topics including team effectiveness, creating inspirational workplaces, talent management and leadership. Edwin's work with professionals includes running workshops and seminars on career development, team optimisation, leadership, workforce trends and numerous others. In addition, Edwin holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree with Honours from the University of Queensland Business School. He is a regular writer on career issues and has co-authored several articles and book chapters on culture and leadership in Australia. Edwin is intrigued by the bridge between theory and practice and has recently completed his PhD on Career Uncertainty.