Accounting Cluster Seminar: Australian Accounting Standards Board

27 May, 2016 - 11:30 to 13:30
Colin Clark Building 39, room 103

The research seminar will provide an update on topical issues in accounting standard setting and identify the opportunities for involvement by the academic community in the AASB’s research work program. That involvement could include undertaking joint research on financial reporting with the AASB staff or presenting to the Board on areas of research that have a potential impact on financial reporting.

The AASB can potentially facilitate access to stakeholders in the financial reporting process and financial reporting data for research purposes that will help drive improvements to financial reporting.

The AASB is also particularly interested in knowing your views on the impact of IFRS adoption in Australia on teachers and students for the purposes of a wide-ranging post-adoption review.

The session will also provide ample opportunities for Q and A.

Eric Lee and Angus Thomson

AASB Research Director: Angus Thomson
AASB Research Fellow: Dr Eric Lee