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The Environmental Finance Group at UQ Business School is a leading group of experts that examine the environmental impacts of business and also the impacts of the environment on business.

Why do we believe that this field is so exciting?

The UN-sponsored 21st Meeting of over 190+ Nations in Paris at the end of 2015 (COP21) resulted in a universal climate policy agreement. Those individuals and firms that hold clean technology patents (and there are hundreds of thousands of clean tech patents) have begun to treat this as a signal to start the commercialisation of their patents. This will lead to a technological breakthrough in clean tech. In the history of modern markets there have already been 8 technological breakthroughs (see Hong et al 2008, JFE), including railways, electricity, automobiles, radio, microelectronics, personal computers, biotechnology and the internet. Each of these technological breakthroughs has driven worldwide economic growth and the technological breakthrough associated with clean tech will be no different. This has generated tremendous interest in Environmental Accounting and Finance and the Group is one of the first movers in this space in terms of thought leadership, research and teaching.

The Environmental Finance Research Group

Our research team has pioneered the research area of environmental finance and has recently secured a 5-year, $500,000 ARC Grant to study the financial impacts of climate change. Our group has set up successful collaborations with leading experts, including Prof Bob Whaley (Vanderbilt U., US), Prof Baljit Sidhu (U. of Sydney) and Prof Matthew Richardson (NYU Stern School), and a research network with colleagues across Europe, North America and Australasia. There are 10 UQ based PhD students in the area who are being supervised by the UQ based team.

Our Group comprises the following researchers


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As one of the leading research-intensive business schools in the Asia Pacific region, we focus on understanding that the future to success is not doing more of the same, but ensuring there is change for the better. We offer a range of options for those interested in a sustainability-oriented career.
In particular, we accept enrolments into our world-class Honours and PhD programs with a focus on Environmental Finance, Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Change.

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