CFA Institute Scholarship

CFA Institute Scholarship

UQ Business School is offering students currently completing their Finance major the opportunity to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with a CFA Institue Scholarship

The CFA Institue Scholarship is available only for new candidates planning on sitting for the Level 1 CFA exam. The University of Queensland is an affiliate university with the CFA Institute, and can provide eligible students scholarships to cover the cost of sitting the exam. 

Return your application form to:



To be eligible for the CFA Institue Scholarship you must: 

  • Complete and return:
  • Successfully complete the Financial Management and Investments coursework
  • Be a recipient of a bachelors degree no later than:
    • 31 December 2018 (2018 exams), or
    • 31 December 2019 (2019 exams)
  • Have a GPA of 6 or above, in your major


Exam Cost

The exam cost is $350USD. The scholarship covers registration for CFA Exam Program and enrollment costs for the Level I exam. (Current cost for the Program is between $1,450 USD -$2,180 USD).


Application Dates

Please refer to the CFA Institute Program Fees page for a detailed list of CFA exam registration deadlines and costs (without the scholarship). 

UQ student scholarships applications must be submitted by 1 January for the June exam, and 1 August for the the December exam. This is to give UQ sufficient time to identify the successful scholarship applications. 


Tips for Success

  • Once your CFA Exam Scholarship has been awarded, you may proceed to register for the exam.
  • Study the original source materials – as assigned in each Study Session.
  • Use review materials as a backup and NOT as your ONLY studying material. 
  • Complete all the practice problems and write out explanations on ALL learning outcome statements (LOS) in each of the Study Sessions.  Research has shown that if you prepare your own study notes, you will retain about 60% of the materials you studied; only 15-25% material will be retained if you use other people’s notes.
  • Study consistently. We would recommend studying between 15-20 hours per week for each of the 18 study sessions.  In the final month before your exam, study 25-30 hours per week for review of concepts, etc.
  • It is important that you study the right way for Level I.  Do not take short cuts.  This will be your basis for success for futures levels.  In fact, many of the materials on Level II overlap with Level I.


Further information or questions

If you have any questions about the application process or the CFA Institute you can speak to: 

Dr. David Hunter, CFA

Dr. Wang Chun Wei, CFA 

To find out more about the CFA Institue Exam, please visit the CFA Institue website.


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