Certificates & Diplomas

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Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas enable you to further your knowledge in a particular subject and can act as a stepping stone to a Masters degree. While they are designed for students who have already received a Bachelors degree in an approved field, some programs allow entry to those without academic qualifications but with sufficient relevant work experience.

Graduate Certificate

A Graduate Certificate can be used to upgrade your qualifications or provide advanced skills which are required in specialist industries but which have not been covered in a Bachelor degree.

The Graduate Certificate involves six months of full-time study or the equivalent part-time and offers the option to upgrade to a Graduate Diploma or Masters degree.

Graduate Certificate in Business

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Graduate Certificate in Business Research Methods

Graduate Certificate in Commerce

Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Graduate Certificate in Research Commercialisation

Graduate Certificate in Tourism, Hotel & Event Management

Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma is a more in-depth version of the Graduate Certificate and will extend your knowledge in a specialist area. It can help you to upgrade your qualifications, develop advanced skills or sometimes can provide a way to move into a different field of expertise from your Bachelor degree.

Graduate diplomas range from one year of full-time study or the equivalent part-time. They offer the option to upgrade to a Masters degree.

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 

Graduate Diploma in Business Research Methods