Business Sustainability Initiative Research

Business Sustainability Initiative Research

Research within the Business Sustainability Initiative concentrates on adapting business ecosystems and developing organisational sustainability by investigating the utilisation of natural resources, processes and strategies for decarbonisation, adapting to climactic and social impacts, sustainability in capital markets and entrepreneurship.

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Our Research

Corporate sustainability – decarbonisation, climate change and natural resources

Researchers within the Business Sustainability Initiative specialise in adaptation and organisational resilience to the effects of climate change, the use and valuation of natural resources and the impact on local livelihoods.
Key research areas are in:

  • Examining dynamic capabilities for decarbonisation
  • Corporate adaptation
  • Investigating how businesses can support progress towards achieving the Sustainable  Development Goals
  • Applying systems theory to corporate sustainability questions.

With resource scarcity and climatic change defining future trends, the Business Sustainability Initiative provides thought and practice leadership on these key issues for achieving a sustainable future.


Capital markets – social and environmental performance and measurement

Researchers within the Business Sustainability Initiative are specialists in the interaction between environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and capital markets.

Financial market participants are increasingly demanding information on ESG and ESG factors are becoming critically important in decision-making by investors, firms and governments. Key research areas are the economic implications of ESG, firm disclosure of ESG issues, measurement of ESG performance and how investors respond to firms’ ESG decisions.


Social - social impact and entrepreneurship

Business Sustainability Initiative researchers specialise in social impact and entrepreneurship. The Unit has a theoretical and practical impact on communities by connecting evidence-based social solutions with profitable business models.

Research is also currently underway which seeks to break new ground regarding how to build communities for sustainable well-being, as well as how to manage sustainable and scalable social enterprises. Researchers are actively engaged in conducting social entrepreneurship training programs for disadvantaged communities both locally and abroad.


Tourism – climate impacts

Researchers within the Business Sustainability Initiative focus on assessing the impact of tourism development on climate, resilience and adaptation capacity of tourism firms to climate-related challenges.
With tourist arrivals and climate change mutually influencing each other, the Business Sustainability Initiative provides leadership on key issues for governance. These areas of governance suggestions include examining the economic and environmental trade-offs of tourism development, and providing cost-benefit analyses of climate mitigation policies for national and regional governments.
Research initiatives focus on enhancing tourism firms’ resilience and adaptation capacity to nature-related risks from an individual and organisational perspective. Researchers also specialize in assessing the risk attitudes of customers and firms’ strategies to effectively respond to and recover from crises and disasters.

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