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UQ Business School's Sustainability Programs

Lead the change to a more sustainable future. The role of business in society is expanding. Beyond its financial value, business can create social and environmental value through altered consumer and stakeholder expectations and an altered physical and market environment.

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Master of Business - Organisational Sustainability Field of Study

Why Study Organisational Sustainability?

Organisational SustainabilitySustainable business management is of crucial importance for success in a future characterised by physical (natural), market, economic, legal and social uncertainty.

Transformation will be necessary to meet the risks, realise the opportunities and accelerate the path to a sustainable future defined by earths and society’s safe operating space*. New models of business and a greater understanding of system-wide impacts will be necessary for businesses to thrive in a climate changing, resource-constrained, and interconnected environment.

Whether your interest is in commercial business or social enterprise a comprehensive knowledge of sustainable business concepts is a critical requirement for leaders seeking to develop adaptive and resilient companies.

The UQ Business School is a world leader in providing skills for operating in future markets and exploring new and innovative business models. Within the Organisational Sustainability major students will combine theory with practice to provide them with the knowledge to succeed in an evolving global environment.

*Ref: Rockstrom et al. (2009) & Raworth (2012).

Employment Opportunities 

Graduates of the Organisational Sustainability field of study enjoy careers as consultants, managers and advisers in large organisations and private businesses.

Our graduates work in areas such as sustainability, renewables and clean technology management, energy efficiency, or advise high-impact industries such as the resources and mining sector on social and environmental strategies. Job opportunities also exist in areas such as risk management, as well as in government and international organisations such as the United Nations.

The Organisational Sustainability Major within the Master of Business can cater for students interested in both corporate sustainability and social enterprise.  Following are two example course plans for a full-time student looking to shape their study for either orientation.  The plans are made up of core courses and electives from the Organisational Sustainability list and other relevant courses from within the Master of Business.

Find out more about the Organisational Sustainability Field of Study

Master of Business - Organisational Sustainability Program Plan


International Sustainability Program

The International Sustainable Business Program explores how Australia’s leading organisations practice sustainability.

International Sustainability Business Program

This program, run with UQ-ICTE, offers a chance to immerse yourself in the sustainable business practices of Australia.

The program explores the impact of climate change on business management and the role new technology, energy resources and the carbon economy will play in the changing business landscape.

Find out how these issues are being solved with Australia’s leading academics who face head-on the challenges of tomorrow.




The Program

Throughout the program, participants have an opportunity to experience behind the scenes of how Australia's leading organisations practice sustainability, including visits to: 

  • City of Sydney: Developing a sustainable city.
  • Taronga Zoo: Creating sustainable knowledge within visitor populations.
  • Sydney Opera House: Working towards a 5 Green Star historic building.
  • Barangaroo South: Leading construction practices & corporate social responsibility.
  • O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat: Ecotourism in a protected area.
  • Lamington National Park: Guided walk and talk.
  • ROCKCOTE: Building materials from sustainable sources, transforming industry standards.
  • Australian Aboriginal Culture: The importance of Indigenous culture.
  • The University of Queensland: Sustainability within a university.
  • XXXX Brewery: Water and energy conservation in manufacturing.
  • OzHarvest and Foodbank: Social impact and food waste.
  • Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre: An award winning 5 Green Star centre.
  • Flight Centre Head Office: Leading corporate social responsibility within the travel industry.
  • Port of Brisbane: Managing a major infrastructure sustainably.
  • Perfect Potion: Product differentiation through sustainability and ethical practices.


International Sustainable Business Program 2018     

If you would like more information on the International Sustainable Business Program please contact: 

Dr Belinda Wade
Program Leader

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