Assessment review register

Students have the right to view their examination papers after the semester finishes. From semester 2, 2013, there is an assessment viewing register which is accessed using UQ login name and password.

To access this resource:

  1. Open the assessment viewing register in your browser of choice
  2. Click log in
    Online exam viewing system login link help screen
  3. Enter your UQ username and password
    Online exam viewing system log in screen help image
  4. To view assessment viewing sessions you are eligible to attend click exam viewing sessions button
    Online exam viewing system exam viewing sessions help image
  5. Register for a session by clicking on the link with the desired date, time, and location for the course
    Online exam viewing system registration link help image
  6. To unregister click on the link again

Help and support

For the viewing sessions, questions about examinations, and organisational help, contact Joan Pares by email.

If you (or your students) can't log in to the IWAP or don't see what you're expecting to, please contact the IT Helpdesk by email.

Further information for staff is available here.

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