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Accounting is the financial language of business. Involving the recording, reporting and analysis of finances for a business it plays an important role in all organisations. 

UQ Business School is a leading institution for the study of accounting in Australia and our programs are accredited by the key professional bodies, CPA Australia and Charted Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Our academics are at the forefront of the profession, helping to shape the accounting practice and set standards in Australia and beyond.

Bachelor of Commerce | Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) | Master of Commerce


Business and Management

Every business has leaders, they’re responsible for providing direction for an organisations people and resources to achieve success.

UQ Business School strives itself on the quality of leaders it produces, and is at the forefront of management research with credit to our internationally renowned management experts. As one of the world’s leading business schools, we offer a wide range of options from degree and postgraduate programs, executive education, and our flagship MBA program.

Bachelor of Business Management | Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) | Master of Business | Master of Business Administration (MBA) | Master of Global Management | Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Become an agent of change. Entrepreneurs play a key role within the economy by bringing new products and services to market and solving social problems.
Our programs help develop the skills to put ideas into practice, raise finance and think through issues such as strategy, pricing and  business models.

Our social entrepreneurship programs will give you an in-depth understanding of this powerful new business model with the opportunity to gain real industry experience working in social enterprise.

Students from our entrepreneurship programs can go on to build their own business or social enterprise, or work as consultants on leadership roles focused on creating innovative, sustainable business ventures.

Bachelor of Business Management | Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) | Master of Business | Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation | Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Event Management

From arts festivals and cultural events to sports fixtures, conferences and exhibitions – events play a key role in business, education and leisure.

UQ Business School is the only school in Australia to offer tourism programs with the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) accreditation and we offer exceptional engagement opportunities for students.

Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management | Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management



Finance professionals help ensure the effective operation of the money markets and financial institutions.

UQ Business School programs cover all different aspects of modern finance – from financial management and corporate finance to investment and portfolio management, banking and the credit markets.

The School has strong relations with leading global financial firms to provide industry experience to students of finance.


Human Resources

Staff are a company’s most valuable asset, making the role of human resources professionals a valuable and lucrative role. We’ll equip you to manage people in a way that creates value and positive work experiences for the individuals.

UQ Business School is accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). Our undergraduate and postgraduate programs will build your knowledge in all areas of HR and develop the personal capabilities needed to be an effective practitioner.

Bachelor of Business Management | Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) | Master of Business


Information Systems

The digital economy means big business. With the rise of digitalisation and technology, businesses today rely on information technology and information systems for all aspects of their operations. Professionals who exuberate data analytics, process improvement and system design skills together with a broad understanding of the value technology brings are highly sought after in all industries.

Bachelor of Business Management | Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) | Bachelor of Commerce | Master of Business | Master of Commerce


International Business

In today’s globally connected marketplace, professionals must understand the all aspects of cross-border activities.

UQ Business School programs link the fundamental knowledge required to operate businesses internationally and build graduates ability to understand both the opportunities and risks associated.

Bachelor of Business Management | Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) | Master of Business | Master of Global Management



In a complex and turbulent environment, traditional business knowledge in no longer enough. Leaders require intuition and emotional intelligence, strong communication skills, and sound values and judgement.

UQ Business School's leadership offerings help you develop core capabilities like these to create effective and responsible leaders who are able to adapt to changing circumstances and the impact of their business on society.

Master of Business | Master of Business Administration (MBA) | Master of Global Management


Marketing and Advertising

Marketing professionals understand what customers want, and create, communicate, deliver and exchange offerings that have value for a customer.
Marketing itself is much more than advertising campaigns and logos. It’s a vital part of business operations, understanding customer behaviours, decisions and needs to retain and build relationships with consumers and other organisations.

UQ Business School has over 40 years’ experience of providing marketing education and research in the field


Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are the backbones of the global economy, and the need for professionals who can design, manage and operate complex global supply chains continues to grow.

Supply Chain Management is only offered through our Master of Business, and is run in conjunction with course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Master of Business



Sustainability will be high on the agenda for future business leaders who face challenges such as how to respond to the threat of climate change, create social change, and improve environmental impact.

UQ Business School is at the forefront of global research in the field of sustainability and offers students the change to participate in real-life sustainability projects. Find out more information about the Social Impact and Sustainability offering. 

Bachelor of Business Management | Master of Business


Tourism and Hospitality

As one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing industries, tourism offers exceptional opportunities both in Australia and internationally for professionals.

UQ Business School is Australia’s only tourism program with the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) accreditation.

Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management | Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management | Master of Tourism Leadership



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