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At UQ Business School we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching. The secret to our success lies in the teaching – research – consulting loop that is at the heart of our business.

As well as teaching, many of our experts also conduct rigorous applied research as well as consulting to a diverse range of organisations in Australia and overseas.

So what we discover through our research we test in the high-pressure world of consulting. We then share our insights through our teaching – in formal degree programs and also in our extensive range of Executive Education courses.

Latest Teaching News

UQ Business School's Professor Jorgen Sandberg with Professor Mats Alvesson
Modern businesses are in danger of ‘window dressing’ by relying solely on brand image to improve the appeal of their...
Dr Ravi Pappu
With corporate sponsorship of non-profit organisations on the rise, research by The University of Queensland Business School has...
UQ Business School academics have been recognised at The University of Queensland's 2013 UQ Awards for Excellence in Teaching...
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