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Research Priority Areas

As well as our academic staff, clients are also able to access the expertise of research students and graduates and the School’s Industry Fellows and Adjunct Professors – as well as visiting academics. Together, these groups make up the vibrant research and consulting culture of UQ Business School.

At UQ Business School our research priority areas are:

  • Accounting

    • Information in Capital Markets
    • Accounting Measurement and Disclosure
    • Control Systems and Performance
    • Managerial Incentives and Corporate Governance
  • BIS

    • Individual and Behavioural Information Systems
    • Organisational Information Systems
    • IT Artefact Research
  • Finance

    • Corporate Valuation
    • Financial Institutions
    • Investment and Portfolio Analysis
    • Managerial incentives and Corporate Governance
  • Management

    • Leadership and Change Management
    • Human Resource Management and Organisational Development
    • Corporate Social Performance
  • Marketing

    • Advertising and Branding
    • Quantitative Marketing
    • Service Research
  • Strategy

    • Firm Internationalisation
    • International Business
    • Innovation Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    • Sustainability Strategy
    • Adaptation, Resilience and Change


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