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Building International Experience

Given the global nature of business, many senior roles now have an international dimension and involve managing teams across different time zones and cultures. Therefore international business experience and an insight into the global business agenda is invaluable in preparing students for their future career.

As a global top 100 business school and one recognised internationally for the quality of its research, UQ Business School enjoys close links to leading institutions worldwide and participates in many international alliances and research programs.

UQ Business School offers a number of ways for students to expand their international experience. The Wharton Global Consulting Practicum is the premier international opportunity, bringing together selected UQ Business School and Wharton MBA students in international consulting teams to complete a real life project.

MBA students also have the opportunity to work community organisations in developing economies through the Social Economic Engagement Program (SEEP). This allows them to develop their business skills by working on a real-life international project in collaboration with a world-class institution.

  • The Wharton Global Consulting Practicum is one of the best experiential learning opportunities that a business school can offer. Students work with their counterparts from The Wharton School to complete a US market entry or extension project on behalf of a paying Australasian company.
  • A group of MBA students visited Savusavu in Fiji to investigate ways to improve the livelihood of pearl farmers in one of the latest projects in the school’s SEEP program. The work was carried out in conjunction with an Australian government initiative to boost agribusiness in the Pacific.

“For years I have been involved in community volunteer and development projects, but none has been as insightful, engaging or meaningful as the PARDI project in Savusavu, Fiji.”
- Brenda Jahnke, MBA student

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