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Ethical Clearance

When designing any research project involving human participants or human-related materials, UQ Business School (UQBS) students must investigate the need for ethical clearance and obtain it when required.

UQBS School Ethical Review Committee is a body empowered to consider research projects up to the level of, and including PhD, for ethical clearance, where the project involves no more than 'low risk' to the participants. Research projects that are considered 'high risk' to the participants fall under the purview of the university-level ethics committees. Academic staff members will need to apply for ethical clearance to the relevant UQ central ethics committees.

The UQBS School Ethical Review Committee (Ethics Committee) includes experienced researchers as members who evaluate the submitted applications in terms of their adherence to the national code for the responsible conduct of research. For example, whether care has been taken in designing the study to address the researcher's ethical obligations to (i) the participants, (ii) the research sponsors, and (iii) the University.

The Ethics Committee also provides ethical clearance for class research projects. Applications will need to be made by the relevant course coordinator toward the beginning of the semester.

Research Data Management Plan
We strongly encourage students to construct a data management plan with their supervisor. Pay particular attention to the consistency between statements of confidentiality in the consent form and the data sharing requirements of your funding body or publication outlet (which may require open data access). If any changes to the approved protocol are required, please submit for an official amendment as above. For more information and resources, visit:

1. Application submission and review process

  • An ethical clearance application, including supporting documents, is to be submitted via email to the Honours Student Liaison Officer:
  • Click here for more information on the application process.
  • If the research already holds approval from another Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of another Australian University, or if the application is from an honours student, the application can be submitted for "expedited review".
  • Click here for more information.

2. Expediting the ethical clearance process

  • Click here for tips on how to expedite the ethical clearance process.

3. Application form and supporting documentation templates

  • UQ Business School students seeking ethical clearance should prepare the following documentation.
  • Click here for the supporting documentation.

4. Ethical clearance for class projects (for Academic Staff)

  • Members of the academic staff who intend conducting class projects, which would involve primary data collection from humans will submit an ethical clearance application to the UQBS Ethical Review Committee.
  • Click here for more information on ethical clearance for class projects.

5. Ethical clearance for research conducted by academic staff

6. Approval for collecting data from UQBS students

  • Obtain ethical clearance for your research.
  • Seek permission from the School‘s Executive Officer to conduct your research. You should include the following documentation in support.

7. Important human ethics links

  • Click here to access a list of several important ethics related web pages.
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