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Employment Opportunities

A variety of employment opportunities exist within The University of Queensland, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL), and the UQ Business School.

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Current and Prospective Staff

Employment opportunities for current and prospective staff are available through an extensive range of positions in academic, research and general careers.

Casual tutors are employed on a semester basis. If you are interested in applying for a casual tutor position please submit the tutor application form with a one page resume (including academic qualifications and course grades) and UQ Tevals to Mrs Robyn Schwarz, Resource Administration, UQ Business School, Brisbane Qld 4072 or email.

For more information on UQ Business School tutors, click here.

Current Students

Through UQ CareerHub, the University provides free online employment service for both local and international UQ students and alumni. It connects users with leading local, national and international employers who advertise, both locally and internationally.

UQ Business School and the BEL Faculty provide specific assistance to the School's undergraduate and postgraduate students through the Employment Services Unit.

Prospective Students

Prospective students seeking advice about possible career outcomes for UQ Business School programs should refer to the information contained in the jobs section of the program information for each degree program.

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