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How do I apply for credit/exemptions?

Requests for credit and/or exemptions must be made in writing. Students applying on the basis of courses completed at another tertiary institution must provide detailed outlines along with a certified copy of the other institution's academic transcript. The outlines must include a week-by-week list of topics; texts and other recommended readings; assessment criteria; and contact hours per week.

Undergraduate students need to make an application through the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Level 3, General Purpose North Building.

Postgraduate students need to lodge applications with the Postgraduate Student Liaison Officer, UQ Business School, Level 2, Colin Clark Building, University of Queensland, Qld 4072.

How do I apply for cross-institutional study?
How do I apply for non-award study?
How do I change my concentration, stream or specialisation?
How do I complete my program plan?
How do I obtain my username and password?
How do I transfer between programs?
What happens if I cannot sit the final exam at the scheduled time?
What if I want to defer my studies?
What is SI-net?
What is mySI-net?
What is the Summer Semester?


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