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Areas of research expertise

Our research and consulting work focuses on seven different areas.


This area includes research into information in capital markets, accounting measurement and disclosure, management control systems and performance, managerial incentives and corporate governance.

Our Accounting researchers

Business Information Systems

Areas covered include information systems used by both individuals and organisations, and research into the design and engineering of IT artefacts.

Our Business Information Systems researchers


Areas covered include corporate valuation, financial institutions, investment and portfolio analysis, managerial incentives and corporate governance.

Our Finance researchers


Leadership and change management, human resources management and organisational development, and corporate social performance.

Our Management researchers


Advertising and branding, quantitative marketing and service research including service quality and innovation.

Our Marketing researchers


This area includes firm internationalisation, international business, innovation and firm growth.

Our Strategy researchers


This area includes tourism policy and planning and visitor research.

Our Tourism researchers

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